Button Widget

With button widget you can easily add buttons & Call to actions in your Wordpress pages.

The button widget have following options :

  • Button Text : The which will be displayed in the button.
  • Button link: Where you want visitors to redirect when they click on the button.
  • Open Link: Whether to open the link in same browser window/tab or open a new browser window/tab.
  • Height of the button.
  • Width of the button.
  • Background color of button.
  • Hover color: The background of button when a visitor moves the mouse cursor on the button.
  • Button text color.
  • Button font size in pixels.
  • Border width, Set 0 for no border.
  • Border color.
  • Border radius: The curving of button edges. Min = 0, Max = 100
  • Button Alignment: Align the button to left,center or right side of the container.
  • Button font family.

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