Export & Duplicate

With export & duplicate extension you can easily use your pages as templates and reuse them on the same site and also to other websites too.

Export A Template:  To export a template switch to export & duplicate tab and then click on Export Template button. It will populate the empty textarea field with current template JSON code which you can copy and paste in some other page to use the same template.

Import A Template: One you've copied the template code head to the page where you want to use the same design and open export & duplicate tab, Then paste the copied code in empty field and click on import template button.

Note: Importing a template will replace the existing content of current page. 

Insert Template :  The insert template tab will let you select your existing published pages and with one click you can insert all the content with same design to current page.

First switch to insert template tab, Then select a template from drop down below the drop down there will be preview of selected template, and then click on update template button.

Note: Updating a template will replace your existing content of the page with selected one.  

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