Form Builder Widget

 With form builder widget you can build any kind of form live with all the changes being updated in real time. 

The From Builder widget have following options :

Fields Tab

Here you can add and remove fields.

Field Options :

  • Type: Select a field type each field type have its own options. 
  • Field Label
  • Field Placeholder: The faded text displayed in input fields.
  • Required : If the field must be filled or not.
  • Field Width: Set the width as you like you can create multi column forms by setting the width of fields accordingly.
  •  Options Field:  This field is for select, checkbox and radio field types. Enter options for these fields on each line.
  • Display Inline:  This field is for select, checkbox and radio field types. Whether to display options in one line or in multiple lines.

Field Styles Tab 

  • Field Size
  • Display/Hide Labels.
  • Label text color.
  • Label font size in pixels.
  • Text Color : Field text color.
  • Background color: Field Background color.
  • Field border color.
  • Field border width.
  • Field border radius.

Button Tab 

  • Button Text : The which will be displayed in the button.
  • Button Size.
  • Width of the button.
  • Background color of button.
  • Hover color: The background of button when a visitor moves the mouse cursor on the button.
  • Button text color.
  • Button font size in pixels.
  • Border width, Set 0 for no border.
  • Border color.
  • Border radius: The curving of button edges. Min = 0, Max = 100
  • Button Alignment: Align the button to left,center or right side of the container.

Email Tab

  • Form Name for identification.
  • Email To: Where to send the form data.
  • Email Subject.
  • Email From Name.
  • Email format.
  • Success message.

Note: All the fields in email tab are required, If you leave any of these fields empty your form submissions will be lost. 

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