How To Create Optin Forms For Your WordPress Website

In this article you will learn how you can create responsive optin forms, optin bars, optin popups and alot more.

Before I start the tutorial let me share a little bit of information on how I am going to build these optin forms and what tools to be used. 

For this I am specifically using PluginOps Optin Builder. It is a free too that you can download from here and reason I am using this amazing plugin is that it is so simple and comes with tons of features and all for free. If also offers some premium features but they does not limit anything on free version you can ultimately build any kind of optin forms with this plugin without spending a dime. 

In this article I will create a basic optin form and then go through each option to create & edit Popups, Inline Forms, Subscribe Forms, Sidebar forms, Optin Bars, Full Page Optins  and in the end I will go through the process of building a custom template.

1. Install The Plugin

First step if you haven't installed the PluginOps Optin builder install it from here.  Free Download Optin Builder

Once installed activate the plugin to get started. 

2. Add a new form

 To add a new form click on add new form link on dashboard menu.  It will open Optin Builder page where optin forms can be created. 



This page have some options on right side panel and tabs which I will explain later. 

3. Use A Template

 PluginOps Optin Builder comes with pre designed templates which are tested to improve the conversion rate and are always being updated.

Most of these templates are premium so If you want to save your time and not design these yourself  I highly recommend to get the premium extension package.


The templates page will display all the templates of all types. Whether you need a PopUp, Inline or bar all the templates are here to be used with just one click. 

To use a template click on the Select button below a template and then click on update template button It will show a confirmation popup because using a template will replace any existing design. 

Additionally you can filter the types of templates from Filter Template drop down menu located at top right. 

Each template have its types listed below it to guide you better on what to use. 

Once you have updated a template It will reload the page so you can edit the template to your needs. 

4. Editing A Template

 PluginOps Optin Builder is highly customizable unlike other optin plugins where you can only replace text and change colors PluginOps Optin Builder let users do everything with drag and drop responsive builder which also works on phones. 

Each element is customizable and have its own set of options not just basic options it also offers responsive options which are just amazing when your are designing for multiple screen sizes.

PluginOps Optin Builder has divided templates into three parts. 

  1. Rows / Sections 
  2.  Columns 
  3. Widgets  

1. Rows

The row is container for columns and widgets,  a row can have upto 8 columns.  You can also set a background color, background image, or background video for rows.

Rows columns and widgets have options to set paddings and margins.

2. Columns 

Columns similar to rows have options like background image, color, margin & padding addition to that it also have box shadow option to give shadow effect. 

3. Widgets 

Each widget will have its own set of options which depends on the type of widget. 

The advanced options tab on widget editing panel gives users access to options like margins, paddings, background option and much more. 

You can find more information on how to edit each widget on documentation page.

5. Add New Widget

To add a new widget click on blue edit button for column or open the left options panel.  Then click on new widget tab. 

On this tab you will find a list of available widget click and drag a widget onto a column to place it there. 

Additionally if you want to change its position you can do so by changing margins & paddings for that widget. 

6. Placement 

PluginOps Optin Builder  has a powerful shortcode generator with all the options you need to create a smart optin. 

To place optin simply copy the generated shortcode and paste in posts/pages content or if you want to display across whole website place shortcode in a widget of your themes sidebar. 

(Some themes do not support shortcodes in widgets, to fix that you can install free plugin called Shortcode Widget from WP Plugin Directory)

With shortcode generator select the Optin Type. 

1. Inline Optin

Inline optin are the forms or optins you can place in your content or sidebars. Inline forms will only be displayed where you place the shortcode. 

2.  PopUp Optin 

PopUp optins are overlays that cover the full page with form in middle of the page. 

3. FlyIn Optin 

FlyIn popups are small boxes that pop out from below the page and cover only fraction of screen. These are less annoyings optins and google recommend these and discourage to use full page popups. 

FlyIns can be placed at bottom right, bottom center or bottom left of the page. 

4. Bars Optin

Bars are also less intrusive type of popups, Bars are smaller in height and pop from bottom or top of the page covering only little space of page. 

5. Full Page 

Full Page optins covers the full screen of user making without any transparency. 

All Optins can be triggered on user actions like On click, On Scroll or On exit.  To enable a trigger select a trigger type from dropdown menu and then enter the value for it in the field below. 

You can also make the optin  visible only on specific device type in case if you want different designs for visitors on different devices. This feature is highly useful because of recent changes in google search algorithm which cause deranking of pages which use popups on mobile devices.