With click to edit features of pluginops you can easily customize any text on a landing page easily.

The live text editing is available for Text Editor Widget, Heading Widget & Button widget and more of them are coming as we plan to integrate it completely to all widgets.

To edit any text simple click on it and start typing to add more text & use to toolbar for styles of text.

Toolbar with text otpions

To change colors, font size, font family & other options for text click on the arrow button facing downwards to reveal more options.

Click on arrow button to reveal more options

With these options you can change font family right scrollable menu, text color, text size, text line height, letter spacing & change type of text ie. Paragraph, headings etc.

Adding A Heading

To add a heading add the text editor widget and click on it to reveal its options toolbar then in Typography dropdown option select the heading size.

Adding A Link

To add a link in text select the text to reveal its options toolbar then in Typography dropdown option select the link option. Then click on it again open the toolbar options and paste your link in Link URL field.

Select link in typography menu to add a link.
  • me

    How does one add the text widget to a page?

    • Umar


      Simply drag and drop it onto a column.


  • LJ

    Hello, when I add a text column and try to add and centre four rows, the first row appears correctly but the next three align to the left. Do you have a solution for this please?

  • Miche Meizner

    When I look at the text widget in the left side bar I am only seeing html.
    How do I get back to visual style?

  • DGCustomerFirst

    I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution.

  • Rod

    Hi, how do you change part of some texts to a different color? When I highlight part of some texts and change the color, it changes the color of everything in the box.

    e.g. if I wanted to change the 2nd line of the above to red by highlighting it first, it would change everything to red!

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