Global Row Extension


What is a global row ?


A global row is a unique row which can be added on multiple pages and if you want to make any changes to it you can do it in one place and it will be updated on all pages automatically reducing your time and effort. 


How to create a global row ? 


To create a global row create a row with or without any content and then bring your mouse over the row in row control button you will see a yellow button click on it then it will ask you to set a name for your global row set a name and it will save your row in global rows library.  

How to edit a global row ? 

To edit a global row bring your mouse over a global row it and click on blue button saying "Edit is separately here". It will open the global row in new tab where you can edit is just like any other row.


How to insert  global row in a page ? 

To insert global row in a page click on insert global row button it will open select global row side panel select your global row form drop down and close the panel it will append the global row in that page. 

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