How To Add a Feedback Form To Your WordPress Website

You just started your blog and people have started to come and what could be better than gathering their feedback, But to do that you need a contact form and this guide will teach you how you can do that.


Install the Contact Form plugin by Web Settler


Go to Add new Plugin page from your WordPress Dashboard and search for “web settler contact form”  and install the Contact Form plugin.




Next Go to the Contact Form page and Click on Add new Form button.  A blank form will appear drag the fields you need from the left side and drop them on the right form area.


Once your form is ready save it and click on export link on top menu of form copy the shortcode and paste it in your feedback page.



Now you will be able to use your feedback form. Submit a test entry and head back to admin panel.


The best thing about this plugin is that it offers styles, notifications and database entries storage. Which means all your submissions will be saved here and you will be able to explore them whenever you want which makes it perfect for creating any kind of forms.

Design your feedback form according to your theme form styles menu and you are good to go.


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