PluginOps Page Builder version 1.4.5 is now live so Update your plugins to get the most advanced features.

Click To Edit – Text Editor

With PluginOps Page Builder 1.4.5 we’ve completely changed the way you used to add your content. Now you can write and edit visually without going to the widget settings simply with a click, Just click on text and start writing.


We’ve released the PluginOps Page Builder’s new update with tons of amazing features specially front end editing. With this click to edit feature you will be able to create Pages,landing pages, blogs, product pages faster than ever.

When Click to edit feature is useful ? 

You can still write text from the widget settings but when you are done writing your content sometimes you need to make little changes or get a new idea for your content this is when click to edit feature will come in handy. You can quickly fix the spelling mistakes change the font size add images etc without getting out of the flow.


Form Builder Database Extension

With new update comes new extension, Form Builder Database extension stores all the PluginOps Form Builders submissions in database so you can access them whenever you want.

PluginOps Page Builder Live Form is already very powerful tool to create forms for your pages, Now its more powerful than ever previously all your form submissions were sent to your email address or MailChimp now you can also store them with this premium extension and keep all that data safe on your website. You can view each submission and also delete them if you want to.




Live CSS Editor

With this powerful update we’ve added a powerful tool for web designers who wants to control everything. PluginOps Page builder is already very flexible for you to make any changes but now it is way easier to achieve special effects with live CSS.

The live CSS editor works on all PluginOps elements you apply custom css on rows, column & widgets while previewing the changes instantly.




Better Slider with Content Area

The Slider widget in new update is filled with more features, Now you can add content on your slides or create full page sliders. In new update the slider widget now supports Headline, Subheadline/ description and Call to Action button. All of this can be added easily on each individual slides.

With new slider widget you will be able to build powerful Landing Pages and Home pages.




Three New Templates added in templates extension

We are rapidly increasing the number of templates for PluginOps free and premium both users. In last update we added four templates for our free version users in this update we are adding four beautiful  templates for our Advanced Templates Extension Pack users.



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