With recent PluginOps Page Builder update you can now add PluginOps PopUps, Bars, FlyIns and other optin types to your landing pages easily using Optin Widgets.

Now there is a new Widget (PluginOps Optins) available in Landing Page Builder which can be used to add Popups or other Optins in your landing pages. This widget will load the optin with their default Placement options (i.e Show on delay, onclick etc.)

Add this widget in your landing page to load PluginOps PopUp
Select your PopUp or Other Optin from Dropdown option

Adding OnClick PopUps

To add OnClick PopUps add a button widget in landing page and set On click Action option to Open PopUp.

Then select the PopUp or any other optin type from dropdown option and save the page. The PopUp will be loaded when you preview the landing page on front end.

Select Open PopUp in On Click Action option then Select the PopUp From Dropdown option

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