Placing your PluginOps Landing Page as your homepage is easier than regular pages. 

Step -1 

Edit your landing page which you want to set a home page or front page.

Step -2 

Open Right Options panel and enable Set as front page option. 

Step -3

Save the landing page and visit your home to test if its being loaded properly.

(If you are using cache plugin make sure to delete/purge cache after updating your landing page)


  • Raidje


    i would like to use a landing page with a form and would like to do 2 things :
    – redirect to my real homepage after submitting the form
    – add a link (like “continue into the site”) in my landing page to get into my real site (with a real or normal home page)

    i tried bu it didn’t work so for now i don’t use a landing page.

    in fact my real homepage is set with the attribute “homepage” in wordpress page edit mode.
    i tried the use a link like (my real homepage) but it doesn’t work… it redirect to the landing page.

    Maybe i didn’t understand something, could you help me please ?

    Sorry for my english i’m french.
    Thank you for your help

    • Umar


      You can only have one homepage at a time. If you theme supports and allows you to move the homepage to some other URL then you can do so and keep landing page as homepage otherwise you will have to choose one.

      You can also try our Optin Builder plugin :
      Using it you can easily add full page overlay popup on existing homepage.

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