Creating a GDPR compliant form is not hard, All you need to do is clearly mention where & why the user information is stored and who are you sharing it with. 


Before we begin I want to tell you that PluginOps Form Builder Widget stores visitors form submissions data on the user server, It also stores cookies on visitors browsers which you can turn off in settings (Turning off cookies will affect popup’s display functionality).

Asking for consent

According to GDPR policy you need explicit consent from visitor and explain what information you are storing and why you are storing it in understandable language. The easiest way to make forms added by PluginOps Page Builder or PluginOps Optin Builder GDPR compliant is by adding a checkbox to your form stating why you are storing visitor data, who are you sharing it with and why.


1. Add GDPR CheckBox in forms.

To add a GDPR consent checkbox in your forms edit the form and add a new field.


Scroll down to options field and type in your GDPR consent text stating what data is being collected what it is being stored and who are you sharing it with. You can add multiple checkboxes if you are sharing the data with third parties like, MailChimp, Google, Facebook etc.

Make the consent field required so the form can’t be submitted if visitor hasn’t ticked the checkbox.



Save the page or optin form, Now your forms are GDPR ready.




Additionally you can create GDPR consent bar using PluginOps Optin Builder.


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