Setting Up A/B Tests for your landing pages is very easy and fast.


To start first you need create Variant B Landing Page.

1. To create second variant for your A/B test create a new landing page name it as Variant B.

Create a new variant

2. Then head back to default landing page  (Control Variant), Open Export Template tab export & copy the template code then go to Variant B page and paste this code in template code field and click on import button to duplicate the control variant (You can also use completely different design for variant b).

Copy export code f


3. Make changes to your variant b and save it.  Change colors, Text, Headlines etc to test between control (A) & b variants.

4. Once you have finished making changes to variant b and saved the page go back to Variant A editing page and open A/B Testing Tab and from drop down menu select the Variant B page save it and your A/B test is live. You can repeat this process and test between 4 different variants.



Each variant will store its conversions and analytics separately so you can easily analyze and choose the best converting landing page.





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