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In this article you will learn the basics of PluginOps Landing Page Builder

1. Creating A Landing Page

To create a Landing Page install PluginOps Landing Page Builder plugin from WordPress plugin directory. After activating it there will be Landing Page Builder menu in dashboard nav. Click on it and then Click on Add New Page button.

Add New Landing Page

Select a template and click the next button below it (You can also select the blank option if you want to create your own design). After choosing a template the page will reload then click on Blue Open Editor button to open the landing page editor.

Choose a template

Every element in landing page builder is customizable, To make things simple and easy these elements are divided in three parts.

  1. Rows
  2. Columns
  3. Widgets


Row : A Row is the main container of columns and widgets.

Each row can have upto 8 columns and each of those columns can have unlimited number of widgets.

Row Options 

To access row options bring mouse over (single tap for touch devices) to any row the buttons for editing it will appear below it.

Row edit controls

Functions Of Each Button

Buttons with their functions

By clicking on the edit button the options for that Row, column or widget will appear in left options panel.

Row Options

Row Background Options

With background options users can easily set Background Images, colors, overlay color, shapes and even videos.

To set a background image open the row options click on upload button next to background image field and select image from your media library.

To set a background video switch background video option and either upload a mp4 video or use any video from youtube.

Row Background Options


Columns are parallel dividers in a row so you can put content next to one another. Each row can have upto 8 columns and you can edit the number of columns from row options. Same as row columns have their own options for setting backgrounds, width etc.

Column Options

To edit a column bring mouse cursor over the column you want to edit and then click on blue edit button at top left corner of that column.

Column edit buttons

Resizing Columns

To resize a column click on a column right side border line and then drag it in the right or left direction.

Click and drag to resize


Widgets are content blocks of different types, Users can use these widgets to add text, forms, images, sliders etc in landing page.

Adding A Widget

To add a widget in a column click on any columns edit button or click on arrow button at left middle side of editor.

Edit column or open left options panel
Drag & drop a widget anywhere in the landing page

Editing The Widgets

To edit a widget double-click on a widget or bring the mouse over the widget it’s edit buttons will appear. Click on the green edit button to open its options. Each widget will have few same options in Advanced Options Tab and widget specific options in widget tab.

Each widget can also be duplicated and moved around using its move button.

Double-click on widget or click on edit button to open widget options

Every widget has different set of options and there are 30+ widget available. We have tried to make all these options pretty simple and self explanatory so anyone can add / customize these widgets.

Resizing Widgets

Some widgets like button widget, form builder widget have options to change the width of elements but most widgets will fit to the column width. So whatever is your column width they will be of same width in some cases it can be easily fixed by changing the width of the column but in case of multi column layouts it don’t work.

To change the width of only the widget there is a simple step by adding left & right margin or padding to the widget here’s how to do it.

Edit the widget then switch to Advanced Options Tab, Scroll down to Widget Margins & Paddings section & increase the value of last to fields to reduce width of widget the same method can also be used on rows & columns.

  • james

    kindly tell us where can we view the subscribers??

  • Karen Robinson

    When I’ve done my landing page and saved it how can I get it in front of my audience? When I copy the URL and post it in Facebook for example it just takes them to my WordPress log in page. Help, I need a quick answer as I can’t see anything about this anywhere

    • Umar

      Hi Karen,

      Please publish your landing page first then you can get the public link by visiting it.


  • Crystal deBoer

    Why when I load the template does the background not load?

    • Umar


      To load the container styles for a template please use the replace option. The insert option will append the sections of selected template.

      Please also not that if you select replace option the existing sections of landing page will be replaced with new ones.

  • Kelly

    Hi. Is it possible to set the landing page as the home page. I have had a look but haven’t been able to see how to do this. Thank you

  • Roger

    How to a copy a page I made in the landing build. I have what I like and will use it over.

    If the page is build through the regular wordpress page with the plugin it saves the page their and I can clone it.

    It appears in landing page area they cannot be copied??

    • Umar

      Hi Roger,

      In regular pages you must be using a plugin to clone pages, Please check if they support landing pages too if they don’t you can get PluginOps Premium Plan it have option to duplicate landing pages.

      How to duplicate landing page with premium :


  • Carlos

    Hi Team!

    Well, the plugin seems to be very nice and is really easy to use. But…
    I can’t use a template without the header menu from my main theme. I use the Hueman Theme Pro. That means I see the header and footer form my normal website. And can’t find any way to change it.
    When I share the page with the team or when I go to preview all design are different. Orange is grey, white is black, … etc.
    But in the front-end looks good.

    • Umar


      Please make sure that you are using our default landing page post type, Some themes forcefully add Header & Footer, we’ll test with your theme and update you. You can also contact our support to get help in this matter.


  • Pru

    I’ve tested my landing page but the subscriptions are not showing up and I’m not getting notifications through. What’s going on?

    • Umar


      Please contact support to get it resolved.


  • Sev


    Is it possible to publish the landingpages without the “landingpage”-part in the URL?


    • Umar

      Yes, If your permalink structure is post name the “landingpage” part in url will be removed.

      • Sev

        thank you! 🙂
        kind regards

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