In this article you will learn the basics of PluginOps Landing Page Builder

1. Creating A Landing Page

To create a Landing Page install PluginOps Landing Page Builder plugin from WordPress plugin directory. After activating it there will be Landing Page Builder menu in dashboard nav. Click on it and then Click on Add New Page button.

Add New Landing Page

Select a template and click the next button below it (You can also select the blank option if you want to create your own design). After choosing a template the page will reload then click on Blue Open Editor button to open the landing page editor.

Choose a template

Every element in landing page builder is customizable, To make things simple and easy these elements are divided in three parts.

  1. Rows
  2. Columns
  3. Widgets


Row : A Row is the main container of columns and widgets.

Each row can have upto 8 columns and each of those columns can have unlimited number of widgets.

Row Options 

To access row options bring mouse over (single tap for touch devices) to any row the buttons for editing it will appear below it.

Row edit controls

Functions Of Each Button

Buttons with their functions

By clicking on the edit button the options for that Row, column or widget will appear in left options panel.

Row Options

Row Background Options

With background options users can easily set Background Images, colors, overlay color, shapes and even videos.

To set a background image open the row options click on upload button next to background image field and select image from your media library.

To set a background video switch background video option and either upload a mp4 video or use any video from youtube.

Row Background Options


Columns are parallel dividers in a row so you can put content next to one another. Each row can have upto 8 columns and you can edit the number of columns from row options. Same as row columns have their own options for setting backgrounds, width etc.

Column Options

To edit a column bring mouse cursor over the column you want to edit and then click on blue edit button at top left corner of that column.

Column edit buttons

Resizing Columns

To resize a column click on a column right side border line and then drag it in the right or left direction.

Click and drag to resize


Widgets are content blocks of different types, Users can use these widgets to add text, forms, images, sliders etc in landing page.

Adding A Widget

To add a widget in a column click on any columns edit button or click on arrow button at left middle side of editor.

Edit column or open left options panel
Drag & drop a widget anywhere in the landing page

Editing The Widgets

To edit a widget double-click on a widget or bring the mouse over the widget it’s edit buttons will appear. Click on the green edit button to open its options. Each widget will have few same options in Advanced Options Tab and widget specific options in widget tab.

Each widget can also be duplicated and moved around using its move button.

Double-click on widget or click on edit button to open widget options

Every widget has different set of options and there are 30+ widget available. We have tried to make all these options pretty simple and self explanatory so anyone can add / customize these widgets.

Resizing Widgets

Some widgets like button widget, form builder widget have options to change the width of elements but most widgets will fit to the column width. So whatever is your column width they will be of same width in some cases it can be easily fixed by changing the width of the column but in case of multi column layouts it don’t work.

To change the width of only the widget there is a simple step by adding left & right margin or padding to the widget here’s how to do it.

Edit the widget then switch to Advanced Options Tab, Scroll down to Widget Margins & Paddings section & increase the value of last to fields to reduce width of widget the same method can also be used on rows & columns.

  • james

    kindly tell us where can we view the subscribers??

  • Karen Robinson

    When I’ve done my landing page and saved it how can I get it in front of my audience? When I copy the URL and post it in Facebook for example it just takes them to my WordPress log in page. Help, I need a quick answer as I can’t see anything about this anywhere

    • Umar

      Hi Karen,

      Please publish your landing page first then you can get the public link by visiting it.


  • Crystal deBoer

    Why when I load the template does the background not load?

    • Umar


      To load the container styles for a template please use the replace option. The insert option will append the sections of selected template.

      Please also not that if you select replace option the existing sections of landing page will be replaced with new ones.

  • Kelly

    Hi. Is it possible to set the landing page as the home page. I have had a look but haven’t been able to see how to do this. Thank you

  • Roger

    How to a copy a page I made in the landing build. I have what I like and will use it over.

    If the page is build through the regular wordpress page with the plugin it saves the page their and I can clone it.

    It appears in landing page area they cannot be copied??

    • Umar

      Hi Roger,

      In regular pages you must be using a plugin to clone pages, Please check if they support landing pages too if they don’t you can get PluginOps Premium Plan it have option to duplicate landing pages.

      How to duplicate landing page with premium :


  • Carlos

    Hi Team!

    Well, the plugin seems to be very nice and is really easy to use. But…
    I can’t use a template without the header menu from my main theme. I use the Hueman Theme Pro. That means I see the header and footer form my normal website. And can’t find any way to change it.
    When I share the page with the team or when I go to preview all design are different. Orange is grey, white is black, … etc.
    But in the front-end looks good.

    • Umar


      Please make sure that you are using our default landing page post type, Some themes forcefully add Header & Footer, we’ll test with your theme and update you. You can also contact our support to get help in this matter.


  • Pru

    I’ve tested my landing page but the subscriptions are not showing up and I’m not getting notifications through. What’s going on?

    • Umar


      Please contact support to get it resolved.


  • Sev


    Is it possible to publish the landingpages without the “landingpage”-part in the URL?


    • Umar

      Yes, If your permalink structure is post name the “landingpage” part in url will be removed.

      • Sev

        thank you! 🙂
        kind regards

  • Alexis

    Hi, my image link on my image widget keeps on opening in another tab. how do i make it open in the same tab?

  • Naima Cochrane

    Hi. Is it possible to add an option for the landing page to be a home page, but have a menu option to get into the main site?

    • Umar


      No its not possible to put 2 pages at same URL. However you use our optin builder plugin to add a full page popup on your homepage.

  • Angela

    How do I place the landing page on only 1 of my pages on my site? I only see options for home page, header, and footer

    • Umar

      Its by default on only one page.

  • Novocaine

    Hi, I tried submitting a valid email address through the landing page I created using the plugin and it said “check your e-mail for further instruction” after i clicked submit button.
    But when i check my inbox I didn’t find any email came from the landing page.
    I also tried to check integration tab and couldn’t find any text field where i can put my email content, subject, or sender.
    There is only one drop down menu with “pro” options and one option where it said “database” and aside of that the integration tab is empty
    I’m using the free version for now, did i missed something?

    • Umar


      You need to setup email notification for form builder widget :
      Answer to your previous query we don’t have access to any data from our users (Free & Premium) the only thing we collect is the time when a user deactivate the plugin and that too is only sent when they accept to share.


  • Novocaine

    Oh nice to hear that, you and your team seems to have a good work ethic, I’m considering to upgrade the plugin to pro version. So far your plugin is the most customizable in the market, loved it

  • Novocaine

    Hi Umar, It seems I was failed to explain my problem to you, so I’m gonna try it again 🙂
    So I was using “Subscribe” widget at my landing page and I was expecting as soon as my visitor opted-in their email address in the email field and then click “Subscribe” then the Landing Page would send an email to my visitor’s email address they just opted-in containing instructions or further information about what to do for the next step. But when I tried to opted-in my own valid email address for testing purpose to see whether the landing page really send an instruction mail to my inbox, I couldn’t find anything
    So, do you have a video tutorial that I could learn from to solve this problem?.

    Thank you Umar

    • Umar

      Our plugin does not support that, You will have to use email marketing services to send email to subscribers.

  • Maurice Greenwood

    I just created my landing page, thank you.
    I am just testing it & most emails work & I get a notification but gmail addresses are not showing up in my notifications, is there an area where a list of subscribers is saved that I can check or is there some other fix?

    • Umar

      Yes, When you load the editor page switch to Form Submissions tab to view all your form entries.

  • Jochen

    Hi. I built a landing page. Very nice plugin and easy to use.
    Unfortunately I cannot find the location where I can set my own logo.
    Right now the standard logo is always presented when I post the link on Facebook.

    How can I change it?

    • Umar


      You will find an option to set featured image and logo for your landing page. The featured image is loaded when you share it on facebook etc.

      Here’s how to access page options :

  • Franck

    Hello, a client of mines uses your plugin, but header and footer aren’t displayed.
    Best Regards.

    • Umar


      Please use regular pages to load header & footer.


  • Bruce Wayne Davis

    Can you upload a pre-made sales page to this plug-in??? And have it work.

    • Umar


      PluginOps have it own template engine so If the sales page was created using PluginOps Landing Page Builder it can be reused on multiple sites.


  • Natalie Jurado

    Is there a way to send the user to a “thank you” page after signing up on a form from the landing page?

    • Umar


      In form builder widget you will find Actions tab there you can set success actions like redirect to URL etc.


  • Geoff

    Just trying the landing page, what a great plugin, and have it working apart from the “Visit Site” link which goes to an unknown page on the site even though it looks correctly setup. The URL in the address bar looks like there is some tracking parameters in there (or something).

    Any advice appreciated.

  • Oyin


    my pages are loading so slow when it’s published, what can i do about this please?
    this is a link to my homepage:


  • Inivie

    Just saw your plugin a few days ago. Used it to design a home page. Great I must say.

  • tyler


    I downloaded and activated your plugin, and am now trying to create a landing page using one of the templates.

    All I can see is a spinning blue wheel. I’ve tried with a few different templates and browsers.

    Maybe it’s a plugin conflict with Elementor? How should I solve this?

    • Umar


      Go to PluginOps > Settings > Enable/Disable safe mode. Or contact us at support@localhost

  • Jacquet

    Hello I created my landing page “programme détox” then put the links on my buttons out when I press the button a blank page is displayed instead of returning to the product page, how to please? thank you

    • Umar


      Please go to PluginOps > Settings and turn off link tracking feature.


  • jacquet

    I m sorry Umar but it’s still not working, When I click on the button to order a blank page is displayed with a cross at the top right. To display the product page, right click on a new tab. How to fix the problem please? I have put the analytics button off as indicated by one of your colleagues but it still does not work. thank you so much

  • Rjain

    Hi Umar I used This Plugin to Build the Landing Page but the SEO Title I have added is not reflecting on the front end. The Landing Page Frontend just shows the Page Name as Title, not the SEO Title.

    • Umar

      Hi Rjain,

      Please enable load wp_head and wp_footer options from right options panel.

  • Priscilla

    I’ve created a landing page to share an ebook with the new subscribers, but I don’t know how to put the download automatically after the subscription. Is it possible?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Priscila

    I created the page but I can’t find the inscriptions … where is it?

  • minhaj ahmed

    Just purchased the pro version of this plugin and just want to say it is a bargain, absolutely worth the price.

  • Lauren

    How can I duplicate a landing page I have created so I can use it as a template for a new landing page?

  • Gonzalo

    Hello, I have 2 plugins, and in several landing pages do not work. One plugin is about Whtasapp contact, and the other one is Social Share. I contacted to plugins platform, and is commented that is posible a landing pages issue.

    Thank you!

    • PluginOps


      Is the issue on front end or back end ?

      Also please contact us at support@localhost


  • Hernan

    Hi – When selecting one of the templates and clicking NEXT, we have the loading circle and never ends.
    Any ideas?

  • Natalia

    Hi! I installed the plugin and created 3 landing pages, I also used a plugin to translate the website and I will like to know if it is possible to have a language switcher or a translate option for the Landing pages. Thanks


    can i put another emails to receive the lead? Maybe with a comma or ; ?

    • PluginOps


      No, Currently this feature is not available but if you are a premium user you can request this feature by contacting support.


  • Lucy

    Hi there, my contact form looks great in the edit page, however, when I go to preview it the boxes are coming up twice the size and look really messy. Are you able to help? Thanks

    • PluginOps


      Please email us at support@localhost with your landing page url we will look into it.

  • Lex

    Hi, how can I remove landingpage in permalink? I really don’t wanna be redirected to landingpage in the permalink, it will be destroy my SEO and become my website dependente of this structure. Thanks.

    • PluginOps


      Please go to PluginOps > Settings > Change Landing Page URL keyword.


  • Kyle

    I’ve added a landing page (looks amazing!) but i cannot for the life of me get it to scroll on mobile devices. Any advice?


  • Kyle

    Hi, my templates wont scroll on mobile. Please help.


    • PluginOps


      Please contact us at support[at]pluginsops[dot]com


  • stephen

    Hi there, I have built a great landing page and have set my own featured image but when I try to share the link on LinkedIn or Facebook it pics up your image instead of my featured image…Can this be changed to my image as yours is not relevant to my post…

    Thank you

    • PluginOps


      To change thumbnail/featured image open left page options panel and in Page Identity change featured image option.


  • Divrom

    Is there a way to change the page title?

    No matter what I do, the title showing on my browser tab – and if I share the URL on e.g. facebook – is something like PluginOps Page – 450

  • Jay


    I’ve made 2 landing pages and there is an icon in the landing page that lead to each other. How do I remove those? has a button that goes to

    • PluginOps


      Please disable load wp_head and wp_footer options from right options panel.


  • Brianna

    Is it possible to set a custom domain to one of these landing pages? I don’t want separate hosting, but it would be fantastic if I can buy an additional domain and just have it point to one of these pages I already have established on my WordPress site.

    • PluginOps

      It is not possible on WordPress to set multiple domains on one website.

  • hemant

    I have set my permalink as a post name but still my landing page url is showing landingpage after the domain name,I want to remove it.
    Please help me ASAP

    • PluginOps

      Please update the plugin to latest version it will fix the problem you are facing.

  • mcdvoice

    I try to share the link on LinkedIn or Facebook it pics up your image instead of my featured image…

  • melanie

    I try to take a template and modify it. But in preview mode, everything is mixed, the layout is broken. text and image are overlapping.
    Why ?
    When i create from a blank, the layout on preview mode is ok.
    Please tell me why, help me

    • PluginOps


      Open the right options panel and disable load wp_head and wp_footer options and let us know via email if this fixed your problem or not.


  • Franziska Vogel

    Hello, How can I set a featured image for my PluginOps Landing pages?

  • shreenivasa km

    What I want in subscribe button when one click it: A popup should open to enter their email and name
    Please let me know is there any other way to accomplish this

  • Kris Cotterman

    I am unable to change the URL of the landing page I created. I try to edit it and it won’t change. It is

  • Sarah

    I initially used the free version and have created a few landing pages with that version already. Now that I have purchased the premium version, I want to go in and change a few things in my current landing pages. However, the widgets I want to use (including the ‘add to cart’ option for the budget widget are still not available to me. How can I change that?

    • PluginOps


      To load premium features you will have to install the premium extension pack, I have resent you the installation instructions on your email address, In case if you didn’t received it then please email us at : support[at]pluginops[dot]com


  • Kenya


    When I share my landing page links, it previews with no photo. How can I add an image for each landing page?

  • Rebellah


    Mais du coup, je l’ajoute où le fichier pour que la personne puisse télécharger directement le fichier (livre blanc par exemple) quand elle appuie sur “je télécharge”.


  • Jim

    I followed directions above to try and change my thumbnail to the featured image I selected. But it’s still not working. When I send the link via text or social media, I get a split image of my featured image, and your stock image side-by-side. Help!

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