What is SSL certificate ?


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol is used to transfer the user data via a secure server. SSL certificate actually connects the user to a secure server for safe transmission of their data.


Why use SSL certificates for your website ?


If you run a business website or an online store than you are processing the users data very often, and it is not safe for today’s security standards. SSL provides an extra layer of encryption and encrypts the data which users send over to your server. Now all modern browsers have started to display a shield in the URL bar which you have  probably already seen, This shield tells the users whether their data is going to be secured are not and google will be displaying a warning on data transmissions for the websites without SSL.


Which One To Choose ?


1. Comodo

Comodo is the market leader in SSL providers. It offers certificates of all kinds from Enterprise to home offices comodo has solution for all, It even offers free SSL for 90 days.  The Premium solutions of comodo starts from $77 per year for single domain  &  $405 for wild card SSL (For one domain + unlimited sub domains). Comodo provides phone support, offers upto 256 bit encryption and is trusted almost all web browsers which means your shield will always remain green.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is known for domain registration and hosting provider but it have also been issuing SSL certificates and the setup is super easy for GoDaddy web hosting users. The price starts from $69.9 per year for single domain and $299 per year for wild card. The plus point is the 24/7 support and easy setup.


SSLS is affordable SSL certificate provider their process is simple with priority support their SSL certificate plans start from $5 only and goes upto $158. It is the best choice if you are thinking about the free certificates out there.  Its amazing to get an SSL certificate for $15 for three years.

4 .Network Solutions

Network Solutions is one of the lowest priced SSL certificate provider, Their plans start from $55 to $400 per year. Network Solutions cheapest plan costs less than goDaddy SSL. Network Solutions  certificates works with 99% of web browsers which means your seal stays green on all browsers.

5. Thawte

Thawte is also one of trusted SSL providers but not in the list of  the low cost SSL providers, their cheapest plan with wildcard option starts from $599 and without wildcard it starts from $149. They provide wide range of certificates for home based businesses to enterprise level.



SSL certificates not only provides a security layer on your website it also provides the better search engine rankings. So select a SSL service provider and setup your certificate to secure your website.

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