Adding Tracking scripts (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc.) in your landing pages created by PluginOps Page Builder is very easy. 

First copy your tracking code from desired provider, In this example I will be adding google analytics & facebook pixel code in landing page.



Once you have copied the analytics code open your wordpress dashboard and go to Landing Page Builder >Tracking & Analytics Page.



Paste the code here and save changes. Once it is saved all the pages & landing pages created using PluginOps Page Builder will load these scripts in head section.


In case if you only want to add the tracking script to only one or selected landing pages or pages follow these methods to do so.

Copy your tracking code snippet and open the landing page editor then click on page options panel button.

page options button is located here

In page options panel open the custom JS tab. To add your tracking code first put the </script> (script closing tag to avoid any errors).

Then paste your tracking code in this field. Then save the landing page to update it.

Paste tracking code in custom Js field

Facebook pixel code will also be added in the same way.

Add facebook pixel tracking code

This will add the tracking code in <head> section of your landing page and you can test it by using various tools (like this facebook pixel helper tool). In case if you want to add tracking script code in body of the page or at end before body closes use this method.

This will add the script in your landing page in case of any errors in script you will not be able to make changes to the landing page so be sure to save your landing page before adding this script.

Save your landing page then add a text editor widget at the desired place in the landing page. (For services like hubspot you will be required to add the tracking script at the end of page so add the widget below everything in your landing page. )

Once added edit this widget and switch to text mode by clicking on text  button above the editor remove any default text, Then paste your tracking script in the text field.

paste tracking scripts in text editor widget

In case if you want to edit the script or remove it click on the column edit button to open column options then switch to column widgets tab. Here you will have full list of all the widgets in this column and you can also edit, delete or duplicate them. (This is for the kind of widgets which do not render or show up in editor.)


edit widget from column widget list (Backend method)





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