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Installing a wordpress plugin manually is very easy.

Most paid plugins and plugin addons needs to be installed manually on your wordpress website because they are not available on wordpress free plugin directory, While it may sound a hard thing to do but actually its very very easy.


To begin installation open your wordpress website dashboard page and then click on add new plugin button from side menu or open the plugins page and click on add new plugin button.


Next choose the plugin’s zip file to upload to your wordpress website, If your plugin is not in .zip format just simply right click on plugin folder and click compress items for  mac and for windows right click > send to  > compressed (zipped) folder.

After choosing the plugin start uploading the plugin.


After the plugin is uploaded you will be redirected the page saying plugin upload was successful or not. If it is successful there will be activate link click on it to activate the plugin.



After activation you will be able to find the plugin settings, options etc,  To learn how to use that plugin try reading its documentation.




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