In PluginOps Landing Page Builder & Optin Builder you can setup email notifications to receive form submissions in your email Inbox.

Here’s how to setup email notifications.

1. Edit Form Builder Widget and switch to integrations tabs

2. Fill the fields with information all fields are required.

Here is the information about each field and what it does.

Form Name

This field is for database storage, Form name field will store all form submissions under this name.

Email To

In this field enter email address where you want to receive form submissions.

From Email Address

In this option enter email address with your domain name, e.g
If you enter some email address which is not same as your website domain then there’s a possibility your mailbox (gmail,hotmail etc. ) will block these emails.
If you enter some email address which is not same as your website domain then there’s a possibility your mailbox (gmail,hotmail etc. ) will block these emails.

Email Subject

This will be subject of form submission you will receive in your inbox.

Email From Name

It will be the sender’s name of form submission you receive.

Email Format

Format of email contents, Either Plain Text (Without formatting) Or HTML (With formatting).

  • Lars Häggström

    Nice plugin. However I have tried to fill in the fields according to documentation but with no success. I can´t send any message. The website is local on my computer for trial reasons. Is that the problem.

    • Umar


      Yes, localhost can’t send email notifications that’s why there is error.

  • Lars Häggström

    Thank you – let´s hope and pray it will work when I publish on the web.

  • Alexandre

    Configurei certinho os campos de notificações, mas o email não chega de jeito nenhum

    • Umar


      Please check your spam folder and try this temporary email service to receive email and test if your website is sending emails or not.

      Temporary MailBox :

  • Govind


    I am able to send through the form to temporary email, but not able to send to Google App for Business email. I have gone through all the documentation suggested by Google. The puzzling part is WPForms which I use in the same domain is able to send emails to my maid id.

    Can you throw some more light on why this could be an issue?

  • Juan Carlos Palmer Amer

    I can enter the code of my autoresponder in the creator of landin page and if possible tell me how to do it

    • PluginOps

      Yes, You can add code from your autoresponder using HTML widget.

  • Craig Gallacher

    How do I save the information I’ve added to the email notification template ? Every time I press update the form goes blank again.

    • PluginOps


      Please email support[at] for support.


  • Larry Johnson

    Hello, I love this landing page builder. It is much better than some others I have tried.
    I do have a question. I loaded a template with a background video on a loop, however
    when I publish it, the video doesn’t show. What am I doing wrong?

    Larry Johnson

    • PluginOps


      Please try disabling load wp_head and wp_footer options from right options panel. If this do not fix the problem then contact us at support@localhost and we will help you.

      Thank you

  • Adi

    try to find where the form data store (DB, FILE etc… ) after sending to mail ?

  • AFC

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to have link of the downloadable magnet be sent to the email that requested it to verify the email?

  • Adroit Technologies

    Hi there, my email notification form labels don’t have spaces between the words how can I fix this pls they appear in this format when the email is sent to us: WhatPLCorControllersdoyouusethemost : Omron

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