5 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page


Designing a good Landing Page can be tricky and might take some time and tests to start gaining conversions. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to improve your landing page performance instantly.


1. Use Short Sentences.

Using short sentences can really make it easy for the visitor to go through the textual content of the landing page and scan it properly. Most visitors don’t read the text at first they just scan through to find some interesting points, If your content is in long paragraphs and laid out like a book chapter visitors will not read it and reject the idea of converting due to lack of information.

Along with short sentences in your landing page use simple understandable words, You visitors don’t want to search slangs to understand what you want to convey. Use listed points to list out features or benefits. “Tell a story but don’t get too carried away”.


 “Bad Example”


Don’t use too much text and almost no images.



“Good Example”


Using less text and more images can clean up your landing page design.


2.  Clear and Concise Call To Actions.

Using call to actions where the visitor do not look can drastically lower your conversions, Put your call to action above the fold in the point of view of visitor, Add visual or textual pointer towards call to action. Don’t just order the user by saying subscribe now or Buy now instead interact with the user in your call to action.

Use more than one call to action in your landing page, If your landing page is long then make sure you have minimum three direct call to actions.  Give your call to action some breathing space so your visitor can focus on it properly.


 “Bad Example” 


No call to action above the fold.



     “Good Example

Proper placement of call to actions



3. Use relatable copy.

Your copy leaves the most impact on user and if it lacks credibility and flow design of landing page won’t make any difference. Writing your landing page in the form of story can really help build the flow and make it easier for the visitor to get useful information in a fun way.  Describe the benefits of your product or service to educate people about features of your product, Don’t simply list out your product features.


4. Use Graphics and Images that help people, not design.

It can be really intimidating to use screenshots of your product or service but don’t use the images which hurt the eyes of people. Yes the screenshot or how to video you put on your landing page does not help, Instead of putting images use icons and have a short explainer video about your product or service which use nice graphics.


5. Analyze and A/B Test.

Analyze the interactions and conversions of your landing page and then A/B test your landing pages and see what works and what not, Every industry targets different people it all falls onto the tests to understand better what fits your market’s needs. Use tools like heatmap & analytics and record user interactions & behaviour compare it over a certain periods and then make changes according to it.


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