Five Plugins All WordPress Websites Must Have


There are too many plugins in WordPress directory, Trying to find the best one’s could take hours Here are the 10 best plugins your website must have covering all categories.



WordPress All In One WP Security & Firewall

1. All In One WP Security & Firewall

WP Security is one of the plugins I install first on every website I create, The level of functionality this plugin offers for free there is no  competition to this, From daily scans to brute force prevention WP Security offers almost all the security features you will need. This is a shout out to the Tips and Tricks HQ for creating this awesome plugin.

Plugin Score : 9/10



WordPress TinyMCE Advanced


2. TinyMCE Advanced

You might’ve installed this plugin, but I just can’t help but put this plugin in the list because whether you create a blog or any website you need to add content and this plugin makes your website’s WP Editor so much more useful than you ever thought, This should come pre installed with WordPress. You can set Font family, font sizes add table and much much more.

Plugin Score : 8.5/10



WordPress Smush Image Compression and Optimization

3. WP Smush

Images make your webpage slow because we really don’t have enough time to compress every image we upload, We already have enough sh*t to worry about. If you ever felt that if you create website often I am sure you must’ve well this is the cure WP Smush will automatically compress all your Images efficiently. Well their compression algorithm is not as good as Pied Pieper but it is pretty better than most online compression sites. There’s only one downside it don;t compres images larger than 2MB in size.

Plugin  Score : 7/10



WordPress Contact Form Plugin

4. Contact Form

Are you still using contact form 7 ? It is because you haven’t heard about new awesome form plugins out there, Contact Form plugin is one of the best form plugins. Latest features like Conditional logic, Form designer and database entries really pump up the usage of this plugin, I deleted the CF7 from my sites the day I got this plugin. The only downside is that to enjoy all features you need to have premium version.

Plugin Score : 6.5/10



Wordpress Duplicate Post Plugin

5. Duplicate Post

There must’ve been times when you wanted to duplicate your custom post types but the plugin didn’t supported well Duplicate Post plugin was your answer, This plugin duplicates everything, Pages, Posts and even Custom Post types.

Plugin Score : 8/10



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