Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is a very popular content management system that offers multiple benefits to the website owners. As compared to other ones, its usage is extremely common also because of its ability to let the content creators customize websites according to their specific needs. 

Website security is an extremely important aspect that can’t be downplayed in any case. A website faces severe online threats if necessary security measures are not taken into account. WordPress websites which include small blogs and even the large business websites are under the threat of 90,000 hacking attacks every minute. This proves that website security is a common concern for all types of individuals and enterprises. 

IT experts also suggest that an average website is attacked 44 times every day which shows the magnitude of threat that the hackers pose. The website vulnerability is a threatening situation because it directly challenges your authority on the website. In case of an online business, the image gets tarnished which can impact the overall ROI and sales. The data can be stolen or misused in the case of an online hacking attempt which itself is quite a scary thing. 

Importance of WordPress Security Plugins: 

It is safe to say that the WordPress software is secure and can keep your website protected. But the installation of certain plugins and themes can put the whole website security at risk and jeopardize your online operations through hacking. 

Website hosting providers already offer server security but still a lot depends on how you safeguard your website from impending threats and malwares. Hackers tend to expose any loopholes in the WordPress website security and steal the data. 

The installation of right security plugins will make your personal website secure and offer resistance against any viruses. The importance of security plugins can be gauged by some of the following conditions that can arise in case of online hacking:

  • Loss of website data and valuable content
  • Misuse of website by distributing malicious or spam links to the users
  • Lose main access and ownership of the website
  • Spread of disinformation and unwanted content
  • Tarnishing of enterprise repute and credibility
  • Negative impact on Google’s ranking of your website

These are some of the daring consequences you can face if your website’s security is compromised. Therefore, it’s pertinent to use the security plugins to protect the WordPress website.

The best WordPress security plugins available in the market perform complete security scans of the website and all of its files. During the process, they remove all the malwares and keep the database protected.

In the aftermath, these plugins make a strong firewall around the site and offer stern protection against the brute force attacks. They also notify you instantly in case of any threat or a possible hacking attempt. 

For the companies dealing with SaaS or engaged in e-commerce business, it’s vital to be GDPR compliant. Therefore, protecting the user’s privacy becomes more important and security plugins are used. 

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins:

At times, it can be difficult to choose from a wide variety of security plugins for your WordPress website. For your facility, we have put together a list of the five best plugins that you can use. These are all of premium quality and offer great value to the user in terms of site protection, security and prompt action against the malwares.

  1. Sucuri
  2. Wordfence
  3. iThemes Security
  4. All In One WP Security
  5. WPScan

Now we’ll explain key features and packages available for each of the plugins so you can make a well informed decision in protecting the WordPress website.

  1. Sucuri:

Sucuri is a household name when it comes to the WordPress website security. It is an extremely popular plugin because of the comprehensive features that give enriched protection. This plugin is available in a free and paid version.

The free version tightens the website security and keenly scans the website to detect any common threats that can cause harm to the website. However, the paid plugin is the real deal which gives immaculate firewall protection.

It stands apart from other plugins because of the significant features mentioned below.

Key Features

  • Proactive auditing of website to keep a close eye on any suspicious malwares
  • Close monitoring of all the files to ensure they remain safe from any virus
  • Detects and informs about any change in DNS
  • Filtration of rogue online traffic through a strong firewall
  • Malware Scanning & Removal – Free version gives you front end scans, whereas server level scans can be performed if you opt for the premium version
  • Instant notifications about any suspicious activity/hacking attempt performed on the site
  • Performs SEO fixes by detecting and removing the spam keywords
  • Accessibility of Web Application Firewall (Premium Version)
  • Advanced level protection against DDoS Attack
  • Exceptional customer support service via email and chat


Majority of the services can be accessed in the free account. However, the premium packages offer special features such as SSL support, website firewall, advanced security scans on a regular basis. Three premium packages, Basic Platform, Pro Platform and Business Platform are available at $199.99/yr, $299.99/yr and $499.99/yr respectively. 

  1. Wordfence:

Wordfence is another plugin that is admired by the whole tech community. Besides offering ultimate protection, it has some outstanding features in the free version. That’s why it’s a top-rated plugin. 

It gives deep insights about the traffic trends and all the details about hacking attempts. Wordfence adopts a proactive approach with the ability to curtail the malware before it damages the site.

Threat assessment system of Wordfence works great and instantly alerts the website owner about any suspicious login attempts by the hackers.

Key Features

  • Automatic scanning of website for detection of threats 
  • A proactive WAF that curbs the malicious traffic before it launches attack on website
  • Malware Scanning to check if there are corrupted files in the plugins and themes 
  • Real-time protection against the malware, spam and other online threats
  • Two-factor authentication for all users to add an extra security layer
  • Access to deep insights about the live traffic on WordPress website
  • Comprehensive firewall suite (brute force protection, country blocking, web application firewall)
  • Comment spam filter that ensures removal of all the spamming links


Similar to Sucuri, you can access many features for free. However, the premium package of $99 per year offers additional features such as regular scans, protection against spam links and much more. 

  1. iThemes Security:

iThemes Security is one of the best choices available that can help you give foolproof protection to your WordPress website. This plugin was previously known as Better WP Security and is developed by people who were behind the well renowned BackupBuddy plugin.  

The great thing about this plugin is its easy-to-use interface and a neat dashboard that displays all the security features you can use. On the dashboard, various tools can be enabled/disabled depending on the security requirements. iThemes Security gives brute force protection, detects 404 pages and also restricts login attempts to secure your website.

Key Features

  • Swift file change detection so that no one can alter the sequence of website files
  • Additional layer of security during login through the integration of Google reCAPTCHA
  • Enforcement of strong password for all users of the WordPress website
  • Detection of 404 pages to help the site improve its ranking on Google
  • Malware scanning through Sucuri’s Sitecheck malware scanner
  • Unique “Away Mode” feature that locks your dashboard for all users whenever you are away and not making regular changes to website
  • Dashboard for centralized management of all security functions


Free version comes with some basic security features. Whereas its premium feature is regarded as one of the most affordable ones in all the security plugins. Available at a low price of $80 per year, it’s highly cost-effective and helps you safeguard the WordPress website without any burden on the pocket. 

  1. All In One WP Security:

All In One WP Security plugin is a potent security tool that can be used by both the novice as well as expert website developers. It offers a wide range of basic and advanced features such as threat detection, login lockdown, IP filtering and action against corrupt databases. 

This plugin amplifies the user registration security by restricting the forced logins on your website. A basic level website firewall is also available which can not only detect but also block any suspicious data patterns. 

Key Features

  • Aversion of brute force attacks through “Login Lockdown” feature
  • Complete file protection with backup of .htaccess and .wp-config files
  • “Blocklist” feature through which you can block certain set of users 
  • Visualization of website security and its status through graphs and figures 
  • Protection of front-end copy
  • Automatic fixing after the detection of malware
  • Availability of Firewall Protection


The plugin is absolutely free of cost and has no premium version. You can avail these great features without spending any additional cost. 

  1. WPScan:

WPScan first came to the fore in 2012 and since then it has earned the trust of website developers. The thing that makes it unique is its user-friendliness. It works by screening tons of databases and immediately reports possible threats. 

Any security vulnerability or exposed files can be detected by WPScan because it scans the core version of WordPress, its theme and the plugins. The plugin has a free API plan that can suit most of the developers. However, the premium version is suitable if more APIs are required. 

Key Features

  • Has its own vulnerability database that is consistently updated by the community members
  • Scanning of debug log files and weak passwords
  • Option for scheduling the scans at different intervals
  • Remains on alert for any malwares in the themes and plugins
  • Sending email to the user about the website’s security situation


The free version of WPScan is suitable for your WordPress website where vulnerabilities can be detected and you can generate 25 API requests a day. In the paid version, you can make 75 API requests a day along with many other features starting at $5/month. 


After going through this useful list of security plugins, you can make a wise decision based on the features as well as the package that suits your website needs. Making the website impregnable is the need of the hour because the hackers always look for opportunities to exploit the vulnerabilities. The use of security plugins can undeniably defend your WordPress website and offer strong resistance against the malware. 

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