A/B testing also known as split testing is the comparison between two versions of a Landing Page to find which one performs better.  You compare the two variants of a landing page by dividing the audience and displaying them one of the variants.  The variant with better results wins.

Things to test with A/B Testing ?


You can virtually test anything with Landing Page builder A/B test, Headlines, Call To Actions, Copy, or completely different designs. But that doesn’t mean you have to test different designs each time, Instead focus on the elements that matter most like pricing, discount offers, Headlines, etc.

You can also test with third-party integrations like with variant A you can send newsletter 1 to your audience group 1 and later you might want to test the same newsletter with audience group 2.

You should also make sure you give enough time to each test to get  quality results. Giving one test too short or too long time can skew the results and ruin all your effort.

How to setup A/B Test ?

There are two ways you can setup A/B testing with landing page builder plugin.

1. Using built-in A/B Test functionality.

Landing page builder comes with A/B testing functionality and with just few clicks you can setup your tests.


To get started first create your Landing Page. The default landing page (It will be set as Variant A by default).

Then create a new landing page and go to insert template tab select the landing page you just created to duplicate it and then click update button.

This will your variant B make the changes you want to test with on this page and then go back to the Variant A landing page.

Now open the A/B Testing tab and select the variant B you just created by duplicating variant A. (Make sure to set a different title for variant b so you can differentiate while selecting them). I am testing by adding a video to the page.  After selecting the variant B click on save page button and you test will be activated. Half of your visiting audience will see the variant A and half of them will see variant B.

And this is it for the Landing Page Builder A/B test. Now to the second method.

2. Using Google Analytics A/B Testing.


Setting up Google analytics A/B testing is not simple as clicking few buttons. It will require you to set up experiments in your google analytics dashboard and then copy the experiment JS code and pasting it in your Landing Pages.

Here an article about setting up A/B Tests with Google Analytics by Shane Barker :  Your Step-by-Step Guide to A/B Testing with Google Analytics


Setup your experiment and add experiment code in both of your Landing Pages and Google Analytics will handle everything else for you.

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