You’ve published your first Landing Page and gained few leads, But the numbers are not impressive enough here are few simple things you can do to increase your Leads and Lead Quality.

1. Make it as simple as you can.

When you design your Landing Page or Lead form make sure you ask for less information as you can. If you need to  get more information like Contact Number, Address etc, try dividing your lead form into multiple steps. Multi Step forms have higher submission rates and it reduces the fear of potential leads as in the beginning you don’t require much information. If you use WordPress you can use our  Form Builder plugin is a great tool to create Multi-Page Forms.

2. Make your offering clear and understandable.

First make sure you offer something in return to your leads for sharing their information, And make your offer clear in simple words. Avoid using Jargons and place your offering above the fold on your landing pages. If you are offering a free report instead of saying Free Download  say Download Our Free Report on X to Improve Y.

3.  Make your offering valuable.

If you want quality leads and want better results when you follow up on them then offer something of value to the lead. Tell the benefit of your offering you have to answer the questions in your landing page copy tell them how they will benefit with your offer.

4.  Optimize your Landing Page Design.

Design plays a huge role in getting leads, Design your landing pages following the Design rules. Use color schemes, Headings and subheadings for your landing page copy. Place your Call to action above the fold and also at the end of your landing page.

5. Capture leads from everywhere.

Don’t just rely on your Landing Page for collecting leads place optin forms in your blog and articles. Use popups and other tools on your pages for gaining leads. Every action you wouldn’t take is a missed opportunity so try to place your lead capture form on as much pages as you can. Checkout this amazing service which makes it easier to collect leads

6. Learn From Data.

Most new Digital Marketers make this mistake. Data or Analytics is your best friend you need to keep tracking the numbers and keep an eye on the results you get from certain markets. Every industry responds to certain changes differently so you will have to track and keep log of everything you do with your campaigns. Use Google Analytics and Heatmaps to track visitor behavior on your webpages.

7. A/B Split Test.

Perform split A/B tests on your landing pages and Opt-In forms to test what changes affect your audience. Simply moving an Opt-In form from right side to left side can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

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