Reasons why your sales page is not converting.


It has been days since you launched your first product the traffic is there but no sales these might be the reasons.


1. Targeting wrong people. 

It is important to know who your customer is, and to direct your advertising to correct people. You may spend all your budget marketing to every other person randomly but the results you will achieve by defining a customer profile and targeting people who fits the profile is far greater than.

For example, If you sell sports apparel, It would not be wise to advertise to elderly people or advertise on mediums used by seniors. It is important to know where your money is being spent and from where you are achieving most sales. If you can master your target audience profile you can make sales without spending a single dime. All your sales can be achieved through organic mediums. Research on keywords you want to advertise on and select the most easy ones. Long tail keywords will often help you get more relative traffic.


2. Use of poor headlines.

Headline is the first page a visitor reads on your page and if it does not attract the attention and interest to continue reading visitors will never become customers. According to CopyBlogger 8 out of 10 people will abandon your page after reading the headline and only 2 continue to read. Using better headlines is the easiest thing you can do which will have clear impact on your sales.

Creating attractive headlines is art you must learn to increase your sales.

  • Your headline should not explain the product but the problem it solves.
  • It should be concise and easily readable.
  • A subheading is to make your visitor keep reading forward.
  • Subheading which simply completes the main heading is not always effective.
  • Using related references also helps.


3. Poor Copy.

In most cases short or poor copywriting is the reason your sales page in not converting. If possible hire a professional copywriter to write your sales copy and alter it according to your sales page design. Bad design and good copy will have cancelation effect you just can’t have one thing perfected, Page design and copy push the visitor to take action.

Use short and broken sentences instead of long paragraphs which scare you and your visitors.  Use exact data about your products with names and technical references to enhance credibility. Create a story not an information page, Stories are fascinating make sure you use them to your advantage. Use analogies to explain abstract concepts about your product.


4. Add trust.

Add trust by using testimonials or industry influencer comments. Just reading a few positive testimonials could lead prospects to complete the sale. The testimonials you add must be strong and effective, Should tell the story of what problem your product or service may have solved.  It should tell the prospects how your product will also solve their problem. Use security and verification symbols this eases the anxiety of your prospects and makes it easier for them to try your product or service.


5. Poor design and confusing Call to actions.

Even if you manage to write good copy the design plays an important role if the prospect would be able to read it or not. Having a bad design is like having a car which moves sideways, It simply doesn’t make sense, Your design should ease the readability of your page copy. Following the design rules and laying out your content properly can boost your sales. If you use WordPress you can use Page Builder plugin which have plenty of pre designed templates which can help you design effective sales pages easily in short time.


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