Build Landing Page With WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website and want to build some landing pages for your marketing campaign ?

You might think that you will have to learn HTML or  hire some web designer to do create a landing page, But you don’t have to waste weeks of your time and hundreds of dollars because you can build responsive Landing Pages for your marketing campaigns with PluginOps Landing Page Builder plugin. And the best part you can create unlimited landing pages with free version too.

A landing page is a page with a purpose to focus on single goal and help visitor get enough information to complete the action. The goal of a landing page can be a purchase, signup, file download or just email opt-in. If you want learn more about landing pages here a intro to landing pages : What is a Landing Page.

I’ve been creating web pages and landing pages from 2012 and initially there were no plugins for creating landing pages on WordPress, And external platforms were super expensive and charged hundreds of dollars monthly which they still do. The only way to build landing pages was with HTML and it was freakishly time consuming.

The landing page builder plugin fix this problem and is a simple way to build landing pages for your WordPress website so you can maximize your conversions.

Lets start building a Landing page.

1. Install The Plugin

Visit your website and login to your WordPress dashboard. Then visit Plugins > Add New.  Search for the plugin “Landing Page Builder”.

Install landong page builder

Install the Landing page builder by PluginOps and activate it.

Once activated you will be redirected to the Dashboard page, Click on the Add new Landing page link.

Add new landing page

This is the landing page editing panel. Here you will be able to create designs and modify them. anding-page-editing-panel.

2. Create the Landing Page design.

  1. Set a title for your page.
  2. Select status for your landing page.
  3. Click on Publish page Button.

Build the page layout.

Landing -Page title

Add a new row. In row options you will have row height, number of columns, background image & video, background color,margin & padding settings.

Add rows and columns to build your page layout and then use widgets to add your content.

Edit the column by clicking on edit button on top left corner. default column options are Background color, Column width (You can also resize columns by dragging resize handle), margin & padding options.

Additionally you can add widgets and duplicate them if you want to use the same settings.

Landing Page Builder comes with free widgets which you can use to add content, videos, call to actions etc.

Add a new widget area.  and edit it. Add your content.

The supported widgets include subscribe form, video, audio, call to action, icons and more  are being added with each update.

Use these elements to design your landing page and if there is something you want to add like slider etc you can do that with shortcodes.

Play with it and you will be able to create high converting landing pages in no time. Play with it and you will be able to create high converting landing pages in no time. Also check out more WordPress Hosting Tips that covers website security, SEO best practices, and plugin updates.

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  • Dexter

    Hi Umar, I’ve successfully created a landing page using PluginOps, but both the homepage and the posts page redirect to it. I’ve been able to work around the homepage by creating a placeholder and setting it as home page, but for the posts page, I can’t do the same since if I change the “posts page” setting, it would stop displaying the blog entries. Any way I can disable redirects from my posts page to the landing page?

    • Umar

      Hi Dexter,

      Please contact support[at]pluginops[dot]com

      Josh will be able to help you better in this matter.


  • Delia

    this is not working.

    • PluginOps


      Please contact support@localhost for help.


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