1. Change Background Image of a Section/Row

To change the background image of a section hover your mouse over the section, Click on edit button then from left options panel expand background options and select a new background image or change existing one.

2. Change Background Video of a section.

Some templates use Background videos which override default background color or background image of a section, To change it you will have to disable the background video first.

To change or disable background video edit the section/row switch to Background Video tab from left options panel then you can disable the video of select another file.

3. Change Background Overlay

Background overlay acts like a filter and sits above background image or video. To change background overlay edit the section expand Background Overlay options and change the color.
To hide the overlay simply drag transparency bar in color-picker to 0 or select the first transparent option in color-picker.

4. Change Background Of Body

In few templates the background image is set in Body options and it can be little trickier for new users to find these options so watch the video below to learn how to change Background image or color of body tag.

  • Jim

    Video under #4 is the one I needed…. it’s only an ad… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Kroger Schedule

    I value the insights and guidance you provide, I will try to figure it out for more.

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